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Our Bridal foundation top picks

Best Bridal Foundations

For many it's the holy grail search of wedding makeup - the flawless foundation that will look beautiful from the moment you say 'I do' through to throwing some champagne fuelled moves on the dance floor! So we thought we'd let you into our insider knowledge of tried and tested foundations for your big day. And whether you've got dry or oily skin, wanting a light through to full coverage...we've got you covered! Enjoy lovelies, and feel free to message me for a more bespoke foundation recommendation. Happy wedding beauty planning! Helen @ Alexander Wedding Belles xxx

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation BEST FOR: All rounder for coverage, longevity and finish - good for combination skin. COVERAGE: Medium to full FINISH: Natural matte OUR LONGEVITY RATING: 8/10 No. OF SHADES: 46 PRICE: £23.50 WHY WE RATE IT: This is a really great foundation that works on most skin types, provides the medium coverage that most clients are after and is just the right amount of matte without being flat or unnatural. Plus it has good staying power and comes in a wide range of colours - it really is a good all rounder for everyone. Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation BEST FOR: A plumped seamless finish, hydrating and good for normal/dry skins. COVERAGE: Medium but can build (although longevity is best at medium) FINISH: Natural satin OUR LONGEVITY RATING: 7.5/10 No. OF SHADES: 19 PRICE: £27 WHY WE RATE IT: Another Mac one I hear you say...well yes, and that's for good reason. This one is a totally different consistency and it's beautiful to use on good skin or drier skins because of the moisture element, which creates a beautiful smooth and plumped canvas. The finish is less matte than some others listed here, so a great choice for girls that want to steer away from matte but still achieve good coverage. YSL Touche Eclat le Teint Foundation BEST FOR: Radiance and coverage in one! COVERAGE: Medium to full FINISH: Radiant satin OUR LONGEVITY RATING: 8/10 No. OF SHADES: 19 PRICE: £33.50 WHY WE RATE IT: One of my personal favourites on Brides, YSL's foundation version of their cult highlighting pen delivers the goods. Usually foundations that offer a more radiant finish tend to be lighter in coverage and don't do as well when it comes to longevity - this one doesn't have those drawbacks, making it the perfect choice for Brides that want radiance but not compromise on coverage or staying power. Guerlain Tenure de Perfection Foundation BEST FOR: Long lasting, fabulous coverage but still looks natural in finish. COVERAGE: Medium to full FINISH: Natural matte OUR LONGEVITY RATING: 9/10 No. OF SHADES: 12 PRICE: £39.50 WHY WE RATE IT: This was the foundation I wore on my wedding day, and one I'm so glad to have stumbled upon. Getting married in Italy in the height of summer called for a really long lasting foundation. But most really long lasting formulas I find overly matte and have a tendency to be a little drying. I didn't want that for my wedding day, so was delighted to find this Guerlain product which fares really well, covers really well (I'm prone to breakouts) and yet has a beautifully natural finish that's not too matte. If you're a girl after my own heart who's desires flawlessness that lasts, I don't think you could go far wrong with this. Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation BEST FOR: A lighter luminous finish which is a delight for playing up already good skin. Better for normal/dry skin types. COVERAGE: Light to medium (but performance is best at light) FINISH: Luminous and radiant OUR LONGEVITY RATING: 7/10 No. OF SHADES: 8 PRICE: £34 WHY WE RATE IT: Rachel's fave this time, from a lesser known British Brand that offers a gorgeous capsule range of makeup products. This foundation comes into its own if you already have decent skin and you're wanting a gorgeous veil of luminosity to give you that glowing bride look. Just be mindful that it might not give you the longevity or coverage you need if you have an oilier skin type with blemishes. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Original) BEST FOR: Ultimate matte coverage and longevity, especially good for oily skin types and covering blemishes. COVERAGE: Full FINISH: Matte OUR LONGEVITY RATING: 9.5/10 No. OF SHADES: 50 PRICE: £32.50 WHY WE RATE IT: I debated whether to include this one or not, but it was important to include a product for every skin type and foundation need, and this definitely serves a purpose. This is in our kit for 2 reasons. Firstly, if a bride severely breaks out on the morning of the wedding, nothing will cover up and create a flawless appearance like this cult foundation. Secondly, it's also to some clients preference to have super full coverage with a matte finish, and for this I don't think there's anything better out there. For me, personally it's a little too matte and full coverage, but if you like that look and want something that has incredible staying power you're going to love it.

Pro top tip

With some formulas you can get a combination of benefits when you mix different foundations together. One of my fave combos is YSL Touche Eclat le Teint with Guerlain Tenure de Perfection. You get the radiance of the YSL formula with the extra coverage and longwear that the Guerlain product offers. Bingo!

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